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DISCLAIMER: This document is a synopsis of some of the most commonly misunderstood covenants. This is not an all inclusive document of all the covenants pertinent to Brigham Lakes. Please refer to your covenant documents given to you by the attorney at closing. The covenants are also posted on the Brigham Lakes website.

Architectural Control (DRC)

DRC approval is required for all construction or modifications to any building, wall, dock, walkway, sign, sign post, driveway, fence, mailbox, screening device, swimming pool, pier, or other structure. The DRC requires a written request for all projects. The architectural review form is available at www.brighamlakes.net. The DRC has 45 days to respond.


All animals must be confined to their owner’s lot, unless walked on a leash. Wandering animals will be reported to animal control for capture and detainment and may result in fines being charged to the owner by both Animal Control and Brigham Lakes HOA. Not more then four household pets, including no more then two dogs is allowed.

Parking (boats, auto’s, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, etc. and disabled vehicles)

Automobiles, trucks & motorcycles must be parked in garages, on driveway area or on parking pads (driveway and parking pads are paved concrete areas on owner’s lot). Boats, RV’s., trailers of any kind, buses ,commercial vehicles and motor homes are not allowed to be maintained on an owner’s property, unless it is shielded from view of neighboring properties by an enclosure approved by the DRC. No disabled automobile, truck, motorcycle or vehicle/boat can be parked withing the existing property for more then two days. No automobiles, trucks, motorcycles or vehicles/boats shall be parked in streets, right-of-ways or common areas.

Grass, Plants and Trees

All yards must be sod.


Mailboxes must match the original design and color of the development's mailboxes.

Golf Carts

Golf carts must comply with all State of Georgia and Bryan County applicable laws and ordinances. Carts are not permitted on the sidewalk. Drivers of carts must have a valid driver's license.

Easements and Drainage

No structures may be placed within or on an easement area. No easement intended for the purpose of drainage may be altered in a manner that will modify drainage flow. Owners may not dispose of debris into the drainage areas.


All fences must be approved by the DRC. Materials and color, height, distance between fence and property lines, and distance permitted between fence and easements all vary depending on the lot.

Outside Antennae
No outside radio or television antennae, dishes or discs shall be erected on a lot without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors.