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HOA Voluntary Cleanup on September 16 @ 8:30am

Hi all,
After Hurricane Irma we have A LOT of debris clogging the drains in the neighborhood. We are planning a voluntary effort to help remove debris from the easements of the neighborhood. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please contact Charles Sowell or Gene Moore if you are able to help! Or you can visit our Facebook site and PM the HOA. Email will also work (hoa@brighamlakes.com). We thank you for your time and efforts in helping keep our homes clean and efficient!!

HOA Meeting June 29, 2016 @6:30pm. To be held at the gazebo.

We have received countless complaints on parking issues.  Please remember that this is a covenant protected neighborhood.  Parking on the streets is not permitted. 

Please familiarize yourself with the covenants, which all homeowners agreed to abide by when purchasing their homes.

June 17, 2015

ALERT: A resident has informed us that he fertilized his lawn using Scott's Builder  S new formula. The formula was bad and it killed his entire lawn.  Scott's has a hotline to call for compensation if it killed your lawn. Scott's is replacing the homeowners damaged lawn. 

Note: for new homeowners coming from other areas. We have centipede grass, which may be very different then the grass you're used to and the way you fertilized in the past. It is VERY easy to over fertilize centipede grass and kill it.  We have also noticed a number of lawns that were severely damaged last year by under watering. During the hottest months it's important to water your lawn at approx. 5am.

We have been working on some current improvements we'd like you to know about it;

1. Street signs and posts have been repainted and repaired.

2. There is a new locking system going on the pool gate. It will be a key card access. You must supply a $10 deposit for the key card and clear up any violations on your property before you get access to the pool. There will be a modified set of rules coming soon.

3. A video surveillance system was put up around the pool area.

4. The gazebo has bee repaired painted and stained.

5. The play set has been stained.

Some mailboxes in the neighborhood need to be painted and/or fixed.  Please check yours and make any necessary improvements (paint, numbers, etc.).  If you need help in doing this, let us know.  We will be glad to help.  It will help improve the looks of the neighborhood.

Reminder that there is no parking of cars, trucks, trailers, etc. on the streets. There is also no  permanent parking of trailers in driveways.  You must park your cars on your driveway, there is no parking on your lawn.  There is no parking of commercial vehicles at your residence.

Please check your covenants on what is allowed and what is not. This will prevent any misconceptions or hurt feelings later.
Thank you so much!
Brigham Lakes Board of Directors
The e-mail address is: hoa@brighamlakes.com
The mailing address is:  P.O. Box 1684, Richmond Hill, GA  31324